Coming Soon to a Sport and Entertainment Organization Near You: Video Realistic Job Previews as a Way to Increase the Quality of Applicant Pools

Mar Magnusen
Samuel Todd

Sport and entertainment organizations follow themes and best practices just like firms in other industries. Of late, the word “experience” is one of those themes. Just as “Starbucks goes out of its way to provide a unique experience before the customer even walks into one of its stores, sport organizations seek to do the same for their fans” (Turnali, 2013, para. 4). Ticket sales personnel are often taught to sell the experience of the event, concentrating on the elements that consumers may enjoy most about attending. Some clubs even go so far as to have an “Experience Center,” as the luxury suites are called in the Sacramento Kings’ downtown arena (Van der Meer, 2015). Executives for the Orlando Magic (a National Basketball Association team) also have placed a high value on creating “an entertainment destination” replete with high definition content, state-of-the-art video and audio, and digital signage (which replaced static content) all over the arena (Kurth, 2011).