Applied Motor Learning in Physical Education and Sports

The importance of the study of the scientific principles of learning human motor skills is evident in that motor learning is a required core course as set forth by the NASPE standards. Applied Motor Learning in Physical Education and Sports goes further than simply providing valuable scientific theories. Authors Jin Wang and Shihui Chen transform those theories into practice in an understandable approach by incorporating case studies and practitioners’ implications, making this a comprehensive authority on the topic of motor learning.

Administrative Side of Coaching: Applying Business Concepts to Athletic Program Administration and Coaching

Coaches and athletic program administrators face a wide array of challenges as they attempt to ensure that their programs are efficient and effective. Difficult decisions are made on a daily basis regarding issues such as facility scheduling, fundraising, travel budgeting, and marketing. Their decisions on these and other matters determine a program’s current and future success. The second edition guides future practitioners and current professionals in adapting the tools utilized by today’s top business managers to assist them in meeting the demands they face on a daily basis.