Ethical Issues in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

Ethical Issues in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology focuses on a multitude of unique ethical, legal, and related professional challenges faced by sport, exercise, and performance psychology practitioners. The book contains seventeen chapters organized into four sections:

            I.       Ethical Practices
            II.      Specific Populations
            III.     Special Settings
            IV.     Academic Issues

Economics of Sport

Written for students with some exposure to economics concepts and analysis, Economics of Sport is ideal for a lower division elective course for economics majors, for master’s students in sport management, or for economics professors who are in the process of learning more about the sport industry.

Diversity and Social Justice in College Sports: Sport Management and the Student Athlete

Diversity and inclusion have been constant, challenging themes in the American experience because we have long been a diverse nation. Within the realm of higher education, the foremost goal of this nation’s colleges and universities is to provide the best possible learning environment for all students. . . . Institutions of higher education must recognize the inherent worth and dignity of every person and seek to promote an understanding of human diversity in all its dimensions.

Directory of Funding Sources in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

The Directory of Funding Sources in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance is the ideal resource for college professors, school teachers, and others who need financing for their programs.

The directory includes more than 140 funding sources that are sorted into four categories:

  • organizations
  • federal grants and contracts
  • private and corporate foundation announcements
  • awards, fellowships, and scholarships

Detailed entries offer highly specific, useful information:

Developing Successful Sport Marketing Plans

With an abundance of goods and services available to consumers in the sport industry, it can be difficult for products or organizations to stand out from the competition. In the revised fourth edition of Developing Successful Sport Marketing Plans, internationally recognized author David K. Stotlar guides readers in a step-by-step approach of how to create and implement a winning marketing strategy.

The Cultural Turn in Sport Psychology

The landscape of cultural sport psychology research is relatively unchartered and this book is one of the first to guide readers in the emergent field. The contributing authors to The Cultural Turn in Sport Psychology are recognized worldwide as leading experts in their respective areas of research. The chapters in this collection examine the impact of the turn to culture on sport and exercise psychology and offer new directions in the theory and practice of psychological research in the field.


Conditions of Children's Talent Development in Sport

Conditions of Children’s Talent Development in Sport is a comprehensive study of sport’s impact on childhood skill acquisition. The text takes multiple factors into account, including activities in which children participate during their development, and personal and social variables that affect their growth. Authorities in the fields of sport psychology and motor development and learning share their insights in each chapter, guaranteeing a comprehensive exploration of children’s talent development through sport.

Coaching for the Inner Edge

Former collegiate basketball coach and esteemed sport psychology consultant Robin Vealey reinvents the mental coaching game with this comprehensive and innovative textbook designed for both students and professionals alike. In Coaching for the Inner Edge, this former Olympic training consultant draws on and synthesizes a wealth of insider's material and knowledge into an easy-to-digest, understandable coaching guidebook.

Case Studies in Sport Development: Contemporary Stories Promoting Health, Peace, and Social Justice

Sport is more than competition and the opportunity to become physically fit. Sport and physical activity offer opportunities for people and communities to forge improved relations. Case Studies in Sport Development: Contemporary Stories Promoting Health, Peace, and Social Justice reveals how experiences from across our global community have served as the conduit to harmony within and among people.

Internationally renowned co-editors Robert J. Schinke and Ronnie Lidor have structured this compilation into three key sections: