Career Transitions in Sport: International Perspectives

Career Transitions in Sport was written for sport psychologists and other practitioners who are concerned with the well-being of athletes who are facing the difficult transition from a sports career and the regret anxiety and identity loss that can accompany retirement. Career Transitions in Sport is a groundbreaking collaboration by international scholars providing an overview of empirical theoretical and applied perspectives on sports career transitions.

Boomercise: Exercising as You Age

Boomercise: Exercising as You Age guides men and women of the Boomer generation in establishing safe and sensible wellness programs that are suited for their individual needs. Achieving a positive body image, improving nutrition, avoiding injury, and setting realistic exercise goals are just a few topics presented in this book that is designed to help Boomers achieve and maintain a better quality of life as they age.

Athlete Burnout Questionnaire Manual

This test manual, the fourth in FIT’s Sport and Exercise Psychology Test Clearinghouse, is a succinct and informative resource outlining the conceptual basis of the athlete burnout syndrome and its measurement. The manual delineates the process used in developing the ABQ and provides users with information on the meaning of scores derived from its use.

Aspects related to the ABQ are presented in a comprehensive manner:

Applied Motor Learning in Physical Education and Sports

The importance of the study of the scientific principles of learning human motor skills is evident in that motor learning is a required core course as set forth by the NASPE standards. Applied Motor Learning in Physical Education and Sports goes further than simply providing valuable scientific theories. Authors Jin Wang and Shihui Chen transform those theories into practice in an understandable approach by incorporating case studies and practitioners’ implications, making this a comprehensive authority on the topic of motor learning.

Administrative Side of Coaching: Applying Business Concepts to Athletic Program Administration and Coaching

Coaches and athletic program administrators face a wide array of challenges as they attempt to ensure that their programs are efficient and effective. Difficult decisions are made on a daily basis regarding issues such as facility scheduling, fundraising, travel budgeting, and marketing. Their decisions on these and other matters determine a program’s current and future success. The second edition guides future practitioners and current professionals in adapting the tools utilized by today’s top business managers to assist them in meeting the demands they face on a daily basis.

100 Trailblazers: Great Women Athletes Who Opened Doors for Future Generations

100 Trailblazers shines an admiring spotlight on the accomplishments of women in sport whose life stories are important but not necessarily well known. Research and personal interviews reveal the groundbreaking work of effective administrators, dedicated coaches, determined reformers, and spirited athletes who excelled in tennis, golf, skating, swimming and diving, gymnastics, track and field, soccer, softball and baseball, basketball, volleyball, and motor sports.

100 Campeones: Latino Groundbreakers Who Paved the Way in Sport

100 Campeones: Latino Groundbreakers Who Paved the Way in Sport is much more than a group of stories that feature the talents, triumphs, and tempests of the careers of Latinos in sport. It is a book of living history, rich in culture and tradition. It is a collection of firsts, of legends, and of names that will soon become familiar to the world. 100 Campeones is a treasure box of inspiring stories that were, at times, created out of dire hardship and oppression.