Summer Sports Camps 101: A Guidebook for Development and Operation

Summer Sports Camps 101 is a comprehensive guide for creating and operating a summer sports camp. New or seasoned coaches, sports industry practitioners, and camp administrators in youth and college-level sports will benefit from author Richard Leonard’s extensive experience in planning and managing successful sports camps. This guidebook streamlines the process of conceptualizing, developing, operating, and concluding the summer sports camp season for camp administrators and coaches.

Foundations of Sport Management

Designed with future leaders of the sport industry in mind, this edition features content from a comprehensive collection of 25 leading sport management scholars covering the fundamental theories and principles of the discipline in a practical and user-friendly format.  Fifteen chapters thoroughly examine strategies for sport leadership, finance, marketing, sponsorship and sales, law, governance, ethics and globalization. This edition also offers standalone chapters on sport facility and event management--vital topics in today's introductory sport management courses.

Embodied Masculinities in Global Sport

This book acknowledges the central role of bodies in the social construction of gender and, in this case, ideas about masculinity. Editors Jorge Knijnik and Daryl Adair, along with a group of international researchers, articulate how various types of masculinities can be played out in different sports by drawing from personal experiences of athletes, investigating the cultural--and even global--impact of male achievements in sport, and comparing men's experiences in sport to women's.

Foundations of Exercise Psychology

The new edition of Foundations of Exercise Psychology promises to be the most comprehensive textbook of its kind. Robert C. Eklund has joined the writing team of Bonnie G. Berger and Robert S. Weinberg for this edition. The authors expand upon the key concepts and models of the field, focusing on the interrelationships of exercise and psychology. The new edition includes an important new chapter on exercise and cognitive function.

Ticket Operations and Sales Management in Sport eBook

In one of the most current and comprehensive textbooks on the topic of ticket operations and sales management, James T. Reese and a collection of academicians and practitioners provide insight, practical tips, and first-hand accounts of what it takes to excel in this growing and ever-changing industry. Chapters cover topics such as customer service, sales, pricing, dis­tribution, the secondary ticket market, and new ticketing technology.

Sport Facility Management: Organizing Events and Mitigating Risks eBook

This fully revised and expanded second edition is an ideal text for students in sport facility and event management courses as well as an invaluable reference for managers and industry professionals. Written by a team of recognized scholars in the sport management field, Sport Facility Management: Organizing Events and Mitigating Risks, 2nd Edition provides readers with both the theoretical foundations and practical applications for understanding the sporting event industry.

Principles of Sport Administration eBook

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Athletic program administrators have a tremendous influence on the success of their organizations. They must construct viable program plans; oversee budgeting, marketing, and fundraising efforts; and effectively manage employees. These concepts and many more are covered in Principles of Sport Administration, an indispensable guide by Richard Leonard for any aspiring athletic program administrator or coach. Chapters are grouped into four sections covering key areas of responsibility for administrators.

Media Relations in Sport eBook

In recent years the model of sport media communication has changed drastically, and it continues to evolve seemingly daily. The bywords of media communication are interconnectivity, interactivity, and mobility. The fourth edition of Media Relations in Sport provides readers information on the current trends and emerging areas in the field of sport communication from technology to social media to how the global outreach of sport has affected the sports media profession.

Law in Sport: Concepts and Cases eBook

The 4th edition of Law in Sport: Concepts and Cases uses up-to-date and specific case examples to illustrate laws that apply to sport-related conflict. Throughout this reader-friendly text, students will become familiar with the basics of tort, constitutional, and business law. The new edition includes updated chapters, as well as an entirely new section devoted to risk and disaster management, which covers terrorism, storms, and other unforeseen events. The book also presents detailed analyses of Title IX and NCAA contemporary litigation, and a thorough exploration of gender equity. Law in Sport is a must-read for students interested in pursuing a career in sport management.