Experiential Learning in Sport Management Internships and Beyond, Second Edition

In the multi-billion dollar sport industry that captures the interest of a global audience, opportunities abound on the front lines and behind the scenes for those who have the education, skill, and drive to succeed. Often the biggest hurdles for those who want to work in the sport industry is breaking through with an initial opportunity. Experiential Learning in Sport Management: Internships and Beyond, 2nd Edition, presents aspiring sport practitioners with a wealth of information about the industry and provides professors within sport management programs a framework for how to lead students through the experiential learning experience.

Authors Susan Brown Foster and John E. Dollar draw from more than 50 years of combined experience in teaching, research, and internship supervision in writing a comprehensive yet concise manual for students preparing for a career in sport. This new edition includes enhanced content on trending topics such as social media and eSports.

The second edition of Experiential Learning in Sport Management Internships and Beyond is now available!

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