Submission Guidelines

Publication Proposals

Developing a Prospectus

Commonly referred to as a “book proposal,” a book prospectus is an essential part of both writing the book and selling it to FiT. A prospectus has several main parts:

•     a cover letter for the entire package,

•     a synopsis of the book you have in mind,

•     a description of the markets and survey of the existing market competition,

•     an assessment of the status of the work and its projected completion timetable, and

•     a copy of your vita, bio, or resume, including degrees attained and publications, if any.

You can also include sample chapters for review or wait until they are requested by the publisher.

Cover Letter

A cover letter should be brief and to the point.  Concisely, tell us your idea, what qualifies you to write about it, and why you think it would make a publishable book.  Be professional and courteous.  Be sure to include information about where you can be contacted by phone, email, or USPS.


An effective synopsis can accomplish two primary goals:  It can help you “sell” your idea to FiT, and it can clarify the book to reviewers.  With a synopsis, you can convey the essence of your book, even before all the chapters have been completed.  In the synopsis, please describe the book you envision, your reason for writing it, the approach you are taking, and any biases you may have toward the subject.

Outstanding Features

List the aspects of the book that you consider unusual, special, innovative, or unique.


Will the book include appendices, bibliographies, case studies, chapter summaries, glossaries, learning strategies, problem sets, or other features that can enhance the book’s effectiveness or visual appeal?

Student Material

What can you add to the book (question-and-answer sets, group activities, etc.) to help with the creation of supplemental material FiT refers to as Teaching Tools (e.g., PowerPoint, word banks, and chapter quizzes)?

Primary and Secondary Markets

Who is the primary target audience?  Who is the secondary audience? How large are each of these groups? Aside from these two groups, what other groups might have interest in this book? Please be specific when discussing your target audience. This may require some market research on your part to ensure the required specificity is captured.

Do you, as the author, have access to the primary or secondary audiences?  Is the target audience domestic or international? What supplementary materials and contacts do you have that can help gain entry into the market? Do you currently have any developed channels in these markets?


Will there be significant competition in this subject area? What makes this particular book different, innovative, and/or more appealing to the reader?

Status of the Work

Specify what and how much of the book has already been completed (meaning sections that need very little modification or editing), as well as what parts need completing, and to what extent.


Please supply us with a copy of your curriculum vitae.  Be sure that it is both current and comprehensive.

Table of Contents

Provide the table of contents for the book.  If the book is incomplete, provide all chapter titles to the best of your ability.  If the status of the work is closer to completion, provide a list of chapter titles and subheadings to the best of your ability.

Sample Material

Provide 10 to 15 pages of written material that will appear in the book (FiT would prefer a complete chapter, if possible—usually the first).

Book Submission Checklist

After the manuscript is completed, you need to send FiT all the material that will appear in the book—electronic materials are preferable. All text, figures, tables, etc. must be typed and sent via Dropbox, email, or disk. Please make sure to include all the items that apply listed on the book submission checklist below and consult the section about our requirements for electronic copy before submitting the finished manuscript.

Use this list to ensure that you send all material required by FiT to turn your manuscript into a published book:

•   Table of Contents

•   List of Tables/Graphs/Figures/Sidebars

•   All Tables/Graphs/Figures. Include numbers and captions

•   Foreword

•   Preface

•   Acknowledgments

•   Introduction

•   Text

•   Appendices

•   Photos for inclusion. Include descriptions and/or captions. Please see p. 17 for
      information on obtaining photography rights and permissions.

•   Author biographies and photos. For personal photos, please use a high resolution image,
      and not an image downloaded from the Web.

Please put all files into the same format, and keep them separate. For instance, all photos should be in JPEG format. All documents should be in DOC or DOCX.