Heath McDonald
Constantino Stavros

This paper reports on a four-stage study that investigated the motivations and future intentions of recently lapsed members (season-ticket holders) of professional sports organizations, and the marketing responses of those organizations to the issue of customer retention. Survey responses from over 1,000 recently lapsed members across five large sporting clubs were collected. A further study on one club was then conducted to compare attitudes and demographics of lapsed members to those who renewed. The responses suggests that although these lapsed members report that they joined to...Read more

Gi-Yong Koo
Jerome Quarterman
Leisa Flynn

The purposes of this study were to: a) examine the effect of perceived brand/sport event image fit on consumers?cognitive and affective responses, and b) examine the effects of consumers?cognitive and affective responses on purchase intentions. Data were collected from different participants under two conditions, pre-test and main test. The pre-test stage included 162 participants and the main test stage included 452 participants who watched the 2003 College Bowl Championship Series. The results revealed that participants in the high image fit group had more positive corporate image and...Read more