Dennis Coates
Pamela Wicker
Svenja Feiler
Christoph Breuer

Previous research has examined the financial and volunteer problems of non-profit sport clubs in an isolated manner and has neglected the influence that sponsorship and subsidy funding, which we term as external funding, may have on both problems. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of this external funding on financial and volunteer problems, and the relationship between both types of problems. Using data from a survey of sport clubs in Germany, a bivariate probit model is estimated. The results provide evidence that both problems are interrelated. Clubs relying on...Read more

Pamela Wicker

In Germany, some sports clubs increasingly encounter financial problems due to decreasing public subsidies. A way to compensate for the decrease is to increase membership fees. Therefore, the aim of this study is to analyze members’ willingness-topay (WTP) for membership fees and to identify determinants of WTP. For this study, active, adult members (n = 10,013) in 21 sports were surveyed. The results show that members paid an average annual membership fee of 148 and stated an average WTP of 265. The consumer surplus for all sports amounted to 113 on average. The results of the...Read more