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  • Stephen Shapiro and Joris Drayer

    In early 2018, excitement was high as the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Atlanta Falcons to advance to the NFC Championship game. The Eagles would be hosting the game for the first time since 2004, further magnifying interest in attending this game. Fans preparing to purchase tickets online from the Eagles at 10 a.m. sharp (six days before the game) were quickly reminded about the reality of ticket sales for high-demand sporting events; they were too late. Tickets on the primary market sold out in 60 seconds, leaving fans no choice but to purchase tickets on the secondary market...Read more

  • Matthew T. Bowers and Tolga Ozyurtcu

    As researchers and consultants working in youth sports, we traffic in good intentions; from parents to coaches to club and league administrators, everyone wants “what’s best for the kids.” At the same time, we are also inundated with critiques of the youth sports status quo; the same parents, coaches, and administrators rail that the current state of affairs is not “what’s best for the kids.” Despite the hint of contradiction, all of these stakeholders seem genuine in their beliefs and correct in their diagnoses: no one is working to actively undermine the youth sports experience, yet...Read more

  • Nefertiti Walker

    I was indoctrinated in all things basketball from the age of three. As soon as I was able to walk, my dad would bring me to his pickup basketball games. I sat on the sidelines watch­ing in amazement, playing with a basketball and anxiously awaiting my turn, which would come just a few years later. I grew up playing basketball, coaching basketball, and training basketball players. Not just women’s basketball players, but men’s basketball players too. I coached men’s basketball play­ers, I played with men in basketball games, and even joined men’s basketball leagues as a young adult. Very...Read more

  • Vladimir Ageev
    Sergey Altukhov
    Hongxin Li
    and John Nauright

    Modern ice hockey originated in Canada, where rivers and lakes are covered with ice during the winter and people entertained themselves by inventing various compe­titions and games on ice. Gradually, this “fun on ice” gained popularity in countries with a cool climate, which helped to popularize ice hockey around the world, especially in north­ern Europe, North America, and later in northern Asia. Eventually, this led to the establishment of hockey leagues— which contributed to the commercialization of hockey, the creation of its own rules of play, and common technical stan­dards for...Read more