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  • Calvin Nite

    As a scholar (and just in life in general), I have generally been a person who understands the world through metaphors. The above lyrics are from the band .38 Special’s song Hold on Loosely, which was a song describing the importance of not smothering one’s significant other when in an intimate relationship. The implication being that if one “holds on too tightly,” one risks driving her or his lover away and the relationship will eventually crumble. These lyrics are paradoxical and describe the counterintuitive aspects of strengthening the bonds of a relationship by providing room for...Read more

  • Stephen McKelvey

    The 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics, widely-chronicled as the first “corporate sponsored,” revenue-generating Games, is also recognized in sports marketing lore as the birthplace of ambush marketing. The term arose as a way to describe Kodak’s marketing activities designed to “blunt” the official sponsorship rights of U.S. upstart Fuji Photo Film (McKelvey, 2014). It remains unconfirmed in the annals of sport marketing whether the pejoratively-laden term was first coined by a journalist or by a sport sponsorship executive. What is not in question, however, is that the term (after all, who...Read more

  • Brianna Newland

    Lisa Murray is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Octagon – one of the world’s largest sports agencies – serving the industry in sport marketing and sponsorship as well as athlete and talent representation. Murray has been in the sport and entertainment industry for nearly three decades, and has been a part of the executive team that has guided the company through the substantial evolution of the sport and entertainment industry. Based in Stamford, Connecticut, she oversees marketing and communications, and leads the organization’s marketing best practices on a global scale. A mastermind...Read more

  • Matt Walker and Steven Hills

    Socially responsibility (SR) and Sport-for-Development (SED) programs require robust evaluations to gauge aggregate effectiveness and demonstrate impact. While the idea of a social program evaluation is not novel, evaluation techniques and delivery methods have improved researcher understanding of how they should be approached. In this article, we package this information into an informative bundle of our processes, mechanisms, and outcomes regarding how we design, deploy, and deliver social evaluations. In doing so, we also illustrate that by maintaining a balance between social and...Read more