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  • Bill Gerrard

    Farhan Zaidi is a Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT) and University of California-Berkeley graduate who started in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a data analyst with the Oakland Athletics before being promoted to Director of Baseball Operations and then Assistant General Manager. His success with the A’s led to Zaidi being appointed General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers in November 2014. He is no exception, as more and more teams are hiring data analysts (or data scientists) to work alongside their video performance analysts and these data analysts are now beginning to...Read more

  • Timothy B. Kellison
    Brian P. McCullough

    By their very nature, public assembly facilities (PAFs) and the events hosted within them attract large numbers of visitors, who are often treated to state-of-the-art performances and exhibits while being offered an exceptional array of amenities. Of course, these offerings can come with considerable costs, including those borne by the host and, central to this review, the environment. Increasingly, industry leaders are exploring strategies aimed at reducing the environmental impacts of their facilities, events, and services—strategies that can often result in reductions of both types of...Read more

  • Brianna Newland

    There are a number of positive assumptions held about sport and its ability to contribute to adults’ lives. Sport, when intentionally programmed, is considered a valuable vehicle to accomplish a number of social, physical, and psychological outcomes (Coakley, 2011; Dionigi, 2005). With the right focused programming and/or planning, sport also has the potential to provide important economic and social impacts to the community (Butler & Aicher, 2015). With the tremendous growth of the sport travel industry, adults are seeking sport experiences that allow them to remain active and...Read more

  • Armen Shaomian

    Troy Tomlinson is the President and CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing in Nashville, a division of Sony/ATV. He has been in the music publishing industry for more than three decades, and has been with Sony/ATV since 2002. He was named to his current position in 2005 and has been guiding the company through the evolution of the music industry with the rise of digital music consumption and a dramatic drop in physical record sales. Being based in Nashville, Tennessee, Tomlinson oversees the operations of all country music for the world’s largest music publisher. He has won numerous industry...Read more