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  • Aubrey Kent

    There are very few significant outcomes an organization can achieve by itself. To do anything worthwhile, it is likely an organization will have to work with other organizations. Yet, establishing an interorganizational relationship is only part of the process. Being good at these relationships is what it is all about. Successfully managing those relationships is imperative for any modern organization and is thus referred to as the interorganizational imperative.Read more

  • Geoff Dickson

    Sport & Entertainment Review, Volume 2, No. 1, February 2016.Read more

  • Stacy Warner and Marlene A. Dixon

    There is a growing concern that many individuals are no longer living in and experiencing community like previous generations. Today for many Americans, it is common for someone to have thousands of online Facebook friends without knowing his or her neighbors’ names. Despite the technological advances in communication, individuals receive less social support than in the past and are becoming less connected as a result of these shifting societal trends. Overall, individuals are reporting that they have fewer confidants and people they discuss important matters with (McPherson, Smith-Lovin...Read more

  • Mark S. Nagel and Kenny Sugishita

    Over the last five years, electronic sports (eSports) have experienced a rapid transformation from niche participant activities to viable, commercial entertainment events. In October 2015, the League of Legends (LoL) World Championship was held at Berlin’s Mercedes Benz Arena. As 13,000 fans watched in the arena, 14 million concurrent viewers observed online, with a total of 36 million viewers watching at least some portion of the championship tournament online (Kresse, 2016). Just five years prior, the 2011 inaugural LoL Championships held in Sweden attracted only 210,...Read more