Group Dynamics in Sport

Group Dynamics in Sport, 5th edition, provides readers with the most current theories and practices of group dynamics in sport teams. In this updated edition, each chapter identifies and discusses key theoretical concepts of group dynamics and offers extensive and relevant examples that reinforce the principles covered. Topics include:

Ethics and Morality in Sport Management

Ethics and morality are generally viewed as critical areas in contemporary sport and need not be limited to such topics as sportsmanship, the use of performance-enhancing drugs, violence and cheating. Those in sport management are responsible for addressing ethical and moral questions pertaining to professionalism, equity, legal and financial management, personnel concerns, governance and policies, league and franchise issues, and matters of social justice associated with all aspects of sport.

Strategies for Being Mindful: Workbook for Practitioners, Students, and Athletes

Written exclusively as a companion set for graduate and undergraduate students, the newly released Strategies for Being Mindful workbook, together with Being Mindful in Sport and Exercise Psychology (2017) presents and analyzes foundational mindfulness skills in real case studies and provides hands-on exercises that put these mindfulness concepts and techniques into practice.  

Media Relations in Sport

As sport media communication has become intertwined with the frenetic pace of technology, the bywords have become global interconnectivity and versatility. Media Relations in Sport 5th edition examines the intersection and trajectory of emerging technology, platforms and trends with foundational principles of communication to prepare students and industry professionals alike with a nuanced understanding of the communication tools at their disposal that will allow them to keep pace with and succeed in a kinetic, competitive industry.

Human Resource Management for Sports and Recreation Programs

Human resource management is a key component of business operations in any organization, and athletic programs are no exception. This textbook provides the framework and principles for undergraduate and graduate students to develop knowledge and understanding of human resource practices to ultimately plan and manage staff in an athletic program at any level of competition—from intramural collegiate to professional sports.

Every Count Matters Mindset Training for Dancers eBook

Regardless of physical talent, all dancers face struggles. The outcome depends largely on the dancer’s mindset. Authors Chelsea Butters Wooding and Ashley Coker-Cranney combine their similar backgrounds in dance with their expertise as mental performance consultants to cultivate an adaptive mindset and positive perspective to elevate a dancer’s performance as well as perspective.

Counseling and Psychological Services for College Student-Athletes eBook

Today's college student-athletes face a wide variety of stressors as they enter the increasingly demanding intercollegiate athletic environment. Counseling and Psychological Services for College Student-Athletes, Second Edition, weaves current research findings, practical examples, and best practices to provide undergraduate and graduate student readers with the necessary tools to effectively and ethically address these issues as future practitioners.

Sport Governance in the Global Community

Globalization affects every industry today—including sport.  Athletes from all over the world compete at regional, national, and international levels, making the sport industry more complex than it has ever been.  Sport Governance in the Global Community addresses many of the issues that cause this complexity:

•    International governance structures that shape sport throughout the world;

•    The organization and development of both professional and amateur sports internationally;

Developing Successful Sport Marketing Plans, 5th Edition eBook

With an abundance of goods and services available to consumers in the sport industry, it can be difficult for products or organizations to stand out from the competition. Combining theoretical foundation with real-world examples, the updated fifth edition of Developing Successful Sport Marketing Plans guides readers through the sequential process of creating and implementing a winning marketing strategy—including understanding the market environment, defining target markets, developing marketing objectives and strategies, and evaluating the plan.