Case Studies in Sport Marketing

As the sport industry continues to grow, so does the need for innovative ways to market it.  More than just an understanding of basic marketing techniques, students need to know how to apply these techniques to real life situations. Case Studies in Sport Marketing introduces the case study method and the strategic sport marketing case analysis model, and then presents three structures of the sport industry:

Sport Performance Industry Segment

Sport Production Industry Segment

Sport Promotion Segment

The Practice of Sport Psychology

The expert practitioners in The Practice of Sport Psychology address a variety of issues and concerns and come from different backgrounds, institutes, and programs. Each practitioner perceives his or her work from a different perspective—clinical, health oriented, community oriented, feminist, social, practical—and each has developed unique methods of practice. However, all are similar in their intent to optimize mental and emotional conditions so that the athletes and teams with whom they work will meet their desired goals.

Handbook of Research in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives

The explosion in sport and exercise psychology-related research over the last two decades has made it necessary to continuously reflect on the state of the art.  The Handbook of Research in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives does just that, presenting diverse applied issues and different areas of applied research in sport psychology.

The Directory of Psychological Tests in the Sport and Exercise Sciences

The Directory of Psychological Tests in the Sport and Exercise Sciences summarizes the 314 psychological scales, questionnaires, and inventories specific to sport and exercise settings that have been reported in more than 35 years of refereed, international scientific literature:

•     Information gathered on 141 additional tests not previously cited.

•     Contributions made by 510 test authors.

•     Twenty chapters organized by psychological construct—e.g., exercise motivation, sport motivation, aggression, cognitive strategies, leadership, and anxiety.

Enhancing Performance and Quality of Life Guide

The companion workbook to Enhancing Performance and Quality of Life provides in-depth activities and exercises to develop and practice the relevant skills and concepts that are defined in the textbook. This workbook addresses skills development separately for adults and youth. Adults can review, learn, and practice life skills presented in Part I on their own or with a counselor, at their own pace. Part II is focused on presenting and practicing life skills concepts to youth individually, or in a group setting.  


Administrative Side of Coaching: Applying Business Concepts to Athletic Program Administration and Coaching

Creating an efficient and effective athletic program is no small feat. Coaches and athletic program administrators face daily challenges regarding matters such as budgeting, marketing, travel administration, and risk management. This textbook provides an in-depth discussion of these and other specialized topics in coaching administration—making it the perfect fit for undergraduate and graduate courses.

Developing Successful Sport Sponsorship Plans

Acquiring sponsorship agreements that are a good fit for both the sport organization and the corporation is one of the most crucial and challenging aspects of a sport manager’s job. In Developing Successful Sport Sponsorship Plans, 5th Edition, readers will have at their disposal a practical, step-by-step guide to identifying, soliciting, obtaining, and implementing appropriate and lucrative sponsorship opportunities.