Enhancing Performance, Health, and Quality of Life: A Guide to Life Skills

Very few practical resources are available that include actual tools and activites that can be of use across disciplines (e.g., mental skills consultants, recreational therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, life coaches, nurtitionists, sport psychologists etc.) This practical guide provides these sport and healthcare practitioners the necessary tools and skills to help their clients of all ages and demographics to enhance their performance, health, and/or quality of life through the development of a variety of life skills.

Table of Contents:

Part 1 - Introduction

Chapter 1- Conceptions of Helping - 4

Chapter 2 – How to Become a Life Skills Counselor - 15

Part 2 - Developing Helping Relationship  

Chapter 3 - Nonverbal Behavior

Chapter 4 – Verbal Behavior

Chapter 5 - Understanding Your Needs, Values and Beliefs       

Part 3 – Life Skills

Chapter 6 – Goal Setting

Chapter 7 – Problem Solving & Overcoming Obstacles

Chapter 8 – Focus

Chapter 9 – Stress and Emotion Regulation

Chapter 10 – Positive Thinking

Chapter 11 – Social Support & Teamwork

Chapter 12 – Transference of Life Skills into Multiple Domains

Part 4 – Final Thoughts

Chapter 13 – The Ethics of Helping

Chapter 14 – The Importance of Self-Care