Being Mindful in Sport and Exercise Psychology: Pathways for Practitioners and Students eBook

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Being Mindful in Sport and Exercise Psychology: Pathways for Practitioners and Students is a comprehensive resource of the many facets of mindfulness, which is interwoven with many techniques of applied sport and exercise psychology. The book expands upon the fundamentals of mindfulness theory and practice, reviews evidence of its effectiveness, and features numerous case studies that offer readers a fresh perspective of how mindfulness can be applied in diverse, real-world situations.

Table of Contents:

Part I: Fundamentals of Mindfulness

Chapter 1: Core Concepts of Mindfulness

Sam J. Zizzi

Chapter 2: A Brief, Impressionistic History of Paying Attention: The Roots of Mindfulness

Mark B. Andersen & Andrew K. Waterson

Chapter 3: Evidence-Based Mindfulness: Proceed, with Caution

Michelle M. McAlarnen & Kat Longshore

Chapter 4: The Mindful Sport Psychologist: Where Did He Come From?

Joshua P. Sebbens & Mark B. Andersen


Part II: Mindful Connections

Chapter 5: Evenly Suspended Attention: A Psychodynamically Oriented and Mindful Approach

Fernanda Serra de Queiroz & Mark B. Andersen

Chapter 6: Riding the Third Wave: CBT and Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Sport Psychology

Daniel Birrer & Philipp Röthlin

Chapter 7: Imagery as a Pathway to Mindfulness in Sport and Exercise Settings

Peter Giacobbi & Sam J. Zizzi

Chapter 8: Flow Theory: Applications to Mindfulness and Sport

Amy Baltzell & Robert Diehl

Chapter 9: Brainy Conversations: Mindfully Using the Language of Neuroscience in Sport and Exercise Psychology Service

Guy C. D. Little & Mark B. Andersen


Part III: Mindfulness in Practice: Case Studies from the Field

Chapter 10: Community-Based Mindfulness Class for Athletes

Kris Eiring & Michele Mahr

Chapter 11: A Mindful Case Study of a Taekwondo Athlete

Jacob C. Jensen

Chapter 12: The Researcher in Loving Care: Interrelatedness behind a Mindfulness and Sport Injury Prevention Study

Andreas Ivarsson & Mark B. Andersen

Chapter 13: Developing Mindful Coaches

Kat Longshore

Chapter 14: One Shot at a Time: A Mindfulness-Based Case Study in Golf

Andrew K. Waterson & Mark B. Andersen