Case Studies in Sport Marketing

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As the sport industry continues to grow, so does the need for innovative ways to market it.  More than just an understanding of basic marketing techniques, students need to know how to apply these techniques to real life situations. Case Studies in Sport Marketing introduces the case study method and the strategic sport marketing case analysis model, and then presents three structures of the sport industry:

Sport Performance Industry Segment

Sport Production Industry Segment

Sport Promotion Segment

Within the context of those three structures, Case Studies in Sport Marketing presents a variety of scenarios that illustrate distinct principles of sport marketing.  From marketing a safer football helmet to promoting gender equity through strategic marketing to assessing the effectiveness of sport sponsorship, the case studies presented illustrate and illuminate the sport industry today.

Each case is designed to help students critically analyze situations, identify problems, make decisions, and develop solutions. An excellent companion to Pitts and Stotlar’s second edition of Fundamentals of Sport Marketing, Case Studies in Sport Marketing offers hands-on experience that is invaluable to every sport marketing students’ learning experience.