Fundraising for Sport and Athletics 2nd

Second Edition
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The Third Edition of this title is now available!

Most athletic organizations (youth, junior, high school, Olympic, and a large number of college programs) have insufficient finances to meet operational need, and personnel must learn to proactively address resource deficiencies. Fundraising for Sport and Athletics, 2nd edition expands upon the foundation of fundraising information and strategies offered in the first edition. This textbook includes the most recent fundraising models and focuses on more practical and comprehensive applications of fundraising administration. Additionally, the discussion of fundraising programs has been expanded to include all aspects of the fundraising campaign.

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student studying sport management, athletic administrator running any level sport program, or program coordinator developing your own fundraising effort, Fundraising Sport and Athletics, 2nd contains the ideal mix of fundraising theory and practice that will enable your future or current fundraising endeavors.