Global Sport Marketing: Sponsorship, Ambush Marketing, and the Olympic Games

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This book examines important issues inherent in the globalized sport marketing industry, including thorough evaluations of sponsorship and ambush marketing. Co-author Richard W. Pound’s experience as the former vice president of the International Olympic Committee adds incredible insight to the chapters on and examples from the Olympic Games.

The expertise of the entire team of authors makes this the most comprehensive text on sport marketing from a global perspective.

Chapter 1: Introduction and Introductory Case Study

Part I: Core Foundations
Chapter 2: Principles of Global Sport Marketing
Chapter 3: Applications of Global Sport Marketing
Chapter 4: Introducing the Global Sport System
Chapter 5: The Market-Based Side of Global Sport
Chapter 6: Leadership and the Olympic Games
Chapter 7: Managing National Olympic Committees
Chapter 8: International Sport and the Law
Chapter 9: Sport Marketing and the Law

Part II: Sponsorship
Chapter 10: Sponsorship as an Element of Marketing Strategy
Chapter 11: Olympic Sport Sponsorship Sales: An NOC Perspective
Chapter 12: Olympic Sponsorship: 1896 to 1984
Chapter 13: Olympic Sponsorship: 1984 to 2014

Part III: Ambush Marketing
Chapter 14: Introducing Ambush Marketing
Chapter 15: Ambush Marketing: A Research Perspective
Chapter 16: Responding to Ambush Marketing
Chapter 17: Ambush in Practice: A Significant Marketing Quandary for the Olympic Games
Chapter 18: Ambush Marketing Case Studies
Chapter 19: Concluding Thoughts and Future Trends