Sport Governance in the Global Community

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Globalization affects every industry today—including sport.  Athletes from all over the world compete at regional, national, and international levels, making the sport industry more complex than it has ever been.  Sport Governance in the Global Community addresses many of the issues that cause this complexity:

•    International governance structures that shape sport throughout the world;

•    The organization and development of both professional and amateur sports internationally;

•    The interaction of international sport organizations with local and national sport administrations.

Additionally, the book offers sport professionals

•    Explanations of the key processes involved with obtaining and hosting international sports events.

•    Analytic techniques and tools.

•    An analysis of international trends in sport and their implications.

The chapters in Sport Governance in the Global Community cover such things as

•    Policy Analysis for International Sport Governance

•    National Sport Policies in International Context

•    Bidding for an International Event: The Olympic Model

•    National Teams

•    Politics and Boycotts

•    Professional Sports

•    The Future of Sport Governance in the Global Community

Juan Antonio Samaranch, President of the International Olympic Committee, calls Sport Governance in the Global Community “a tremendous asset to all those interested in exploring the magnificent reality of sport that we experience.”