Book Review: Enhancing Performance and Quality of Life Book & Guide

I have known Steve Danish for 40 years. When he was a faculty member at Penn State, we taught a sport psychology course together and he served as the sport psychologist for my volleyball team. In these two books [Enhancing Performance and Quality of Life Book and Guide] written with a former graduate student, Tanya Forneris, they go beyond discussing sport psychology. In the first book, which is much like a text, they describe what it means to be a counselor and how to enhance performance and quality of life. The second book is more like a workbook and focuses on learning and teaching life skills such as goal setting, decision-making, stress management, developing a support team and communicating more effectively. They teach these skills both to adults and youth. I have found these skills useful to use with my team. As many of my players are preparing for careers in teaching and counseling, they are finding these books valuable for their careers. I recommend these books for anyone wanting to learn more about enhancing their performance and quality of life.  

Russ Rose 
Head Coach 
Penn State Women's Volleyball