Book Review: Enhancing Performance and Quality of Life Book & Guide

Danish, S., & Forneris, T. (2018). Enhancing Performance and Quality of Life. Morgantown, WV: FIT Publishing.

Danish, S., & Forneris, T. (2018). Enhancing Performance and Quality of Life: Guide. Morgantown, WV: FIT Publishing.

Steve Danish and Tanya Forneris have produced an excellent life skills book that outlines, in practical layperson language, the steps and procedures required to enhance performance in a range of life domains; as well as enhancing overall quality of life and health.  In addition, Steve and Tanya offer life skills counsellors and practitioners outstanding advice and suggestions to enhance their ability to effectively teach life skills to their clients. The framework detailed in their book is evidence-based, but very practical and applied as they outline 12 different life skills that lead to quality of life and wellness.  Their framework offers a unique approach to counselling that promotes positive, strength-based personal development.

This practical book is accompanied by a self-guided life skills ‘work book ’ that is a treasure trove of ideas, suggestions, exercises, worksheets, checklists, and tasks that offers the practitioner a variety of fresh ways to teach, practice, and deliver life skills programs to a range of different clients. Indeed, the work book has separate sections that focus on the different methods needed to teach life skills to adults and youth respectively. The self-guided nature of the work book also allows clients and readers to learn the life skills at their own pace and to further develop their own competencies across a range of life skills.

Collectively these two complementary books are an outstanding resource for life skills counsellors and practitioners.

  • Ken Hodge, PhD.  University of Otago, New Zealand.
    • Dr. Ken Hodge is Provost and Professor in sport and exercise psychology at the School of Physical Education, Sport & Exercise Sciences, University of Otago, New Zealand (NZ). In addition, he has worked for a number of sports as a Mental Skills Trainer for the NZ Academy of Sport (NZ Rugby Union, Netball NZ, NZ Swimming and NZ Golf.) He has also served as the Team Psychologist for the NZ Winter and Summer Olympic Teams and at Commonwealth Games.