Economics of Sport

Second Edition
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Written for students with some exposure to economics concepts and analysis, Economics of Sport is ideal for a lower division elective course for economics majors, for master’s students in sport management, or for economics professors who are in the process of learning more about the sport industry.

In its newly updated 13 chapters, the second edition of Economics of Sport defines the sport industry and reviews economic concepts before examining in detail such central issues as benefits and costs, the theory of the firm, profit maximization as a major motivator, and alternative motivators in nonprofit organizations. Drawing the student deeper into the functions and limits of sport economics, Economics of Sport

  • discusses elasticity of demand and supply, and examines market structures, from perfect competition to monopolies;
  • analyzes various reasons for government-provided sport, community sport, and private enterprise, and the reasons for mergers and acquisitions.
  • assesses the contribution of the sport industry to the U.S. economy;
  • surveys and relates the economic impact studies used to justify spending, the labor-related issues in the sport industry, including professional athletes, public relations directors, and sales representatives in various types of sport firms and organizations; and
  • details the economic theories related to both government and industry self-regulation applicable to the sport industry, and the antitrust laws and their applications in the sport industry.

Economics of Sport is a thorough and accessible text, perfect for everyone who wants a complete understanding of the sport industry today!


Chapter 1 • An Overview of the Sport Industry in North America • 1
Chapter 2 • Basics of Economic Analysis • 25
Chapter 3 • Demand, Supply, and Pricing in the Sport Industry • 37
Chapter 4 • Markets and the Sport Industry • 61
Chapter 5 • Oligopoly and the Sport Industry • 77
Chapter 6 • Sport Industry Delivery • 85
Chapter 7 • The Sport Industry: A Critical Center of Economy • 107
Chapter 8 • Economic Impact of Sport • 127
Chapter 9 • Labor Markets and Sport • 151
Chapter 10 • Regulation of Sports • 169
Chapter 11 • Antitrust Issues in Sport • 189
Chapter 12 • International Issues • 205
Chapter 13 • Future Direction of the Sport Industry: An Economic Perspective • 227
References • 241
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