Foundations of Exercise and Mental Health

Second Edition
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Foundations of Exercise and Mental Health, 2nd Edition, presents a thorough examination of the potential that exercise has for a positive impact on mental health. Incorporating up-to-date research, this new edition systematically reviews the nature of the psychological benefits that result from regular participation in physical activity.

This comprehensive analysis of the relationship between exercise and mental health establishes that exercise is associated with short-term and long-term improvements in participants and can be applied to both the treatment and the prevention of psychological problems.

The timely information in Foundations of Exercise and Mental Health, 2nd Edition, advocates an active lifestyle, supplying direction and focus for future research, and includes appropriate, specific exercise intervention strategies designed as practical forms of therapy.

Contents Introduction
Exercise and Depression
Exercise and Anxiety
Exercise and Self-Concept/Self-Esteem
Exercise and Personality
Exercise and Mood
Exercise Assessment and Prescription
Present Status and Future Directions


Chapter 1  Introduction  • 1

Chapter 2 Exercise and Depression  • 21

Chapter 3  Exercise and Anxiety  • 59

Chapter 4 Exercise and Self-Concept/Self-Esteem  • 109

Chapter 5 Exercise and Personality  • 147

Chapter 6  Exercise and Mood  • 179

Chapter 7 Exercise Assessment and Prescription • 217 Chapter 8 Present Status and Future Directions • 253 References • 269

Subject Index     • 311 About the Author              • 315