Fundamentals of Sport Marketing 4th Ed.

Fourth Edition
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The Fifth Edition of this title is now available!

Fundamentals of Sport Marketing has become the standard by which other textbooks in the field are measured, and the fourth edition of this text once again raises that standard. Based on the most up-to-date research and developments that have taken place in sport marketing, sport management, and the sport industry, the fourth edition of Fundamentals of Sport Marketing is the most current, contemporary, and indispensable book available on sport marketing. Supplemental case studies about topics relevant to each chapter have been added to the fourth edition, as well as directories of sport businesses, associations, trade publications, and academic journals; abstracts from recent research in sport marketing; and several examples of sport marketing research instruments.

The authors, Dr. Brenda G. Pitts and Dr. David K. Stotlar, have unparalleled experience consulting and working in the industry, and are both well known and respected across the globe. They authored three workbooks that serve as excellent companions to these texts: Case Studies in Sport Marketing, Developing Successful Sport Marketing Plans, and Developing Successful Sport Sponsorship Plans, available through FiT Publishing.




Chapter  1      •  The Sport Business Industry

Chapter  2      •  The Global Market for the Sport Industry

Chapter  3      •  The Sport Marketing Process

Chapter  4      •  Sport Marketing Research

Chapter  5      •  Segmentation, Target Marketing, and Positioning

Chapter  6      •  Marketing Information Systems

Chapter   7     •  The Marketing Mix and the Sport Industry

Chapter  8      •  The Product in the Sport Business Industry

Chapter  9    •  Price and Pricing Strategies for the Sport Business Industry

Chapter 10 •  Place: Distribution Channels and Decisions in Sport Business

Chapter 11  •  Promotion in the Sport Industry

Chapter 12 •  Media Relations in Sport

Chapter 13 •  Marketing Through Endorsements and Sponsorships

Chapter 14 •  Using Licensing and Logos in the Sport Industry

Chapter 15 •  Social Media in Sport Marketing

Appendix  A  •  Sport Business Organizations Contact Information

Appendix B   •  Sport Business Trade Organizations

Appendix C  •  Sport Business Industry Trade Publications

Appendix D  •  Sport Business Academic Journals

Appendix E   •  Sport Marketing Research Briefs

Appendix F   •  Examples of Surveys and Questionnaires

Appendix G  •  Example of Survey Formatting


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