Group Dynamics in Sport

Fourth Edition
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This updated and expanded edition of Group Dynamics in Sport introduces readers to the most current theory and practice of group dynamics in sport teams. Changes in the new edition include extensive revision of each content area, as well as two new chapters on the study of groups and attributions in sport. The book features seven sections that break down the study of group dynamics in an engaging and reader-friendly way. Material covered includes an analysis of the nature and development of groups; examination of group environment, structure, and cohesiveness; and discussion of team processes such as goals and communication.


SECTION I. Introduction
SECTION II. Group Environment
SECTION III. Member Attributes
SECTION IV. Group Structure
SECTION V. Group Cohesiveness
SECTION VI Team Processes
SECTION VII. Forming the Group

Authors Albert V. Carron and Mark A. Eys are prominent experts on group dynamics in sport, and their extensive research and analysis make Group Dynamics in Sport, 4th Edition essential reading for any student of sport psychology and sociology.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgments ..........................vii
Preface ..................................ix
S E C T I O N  I :  I N T R O D U C T I O N 1
ChAPTER   01 The Nature of Groups 2
ChAPTER   02 The Study of Groups 22
ChAPTER   03 Group Development 34
S E C T I O N  I I :   G R O U P  E N V I R O N M E N T 5 5
ChAPTER  04 Group Size 56
ChAPTER   05 Group Territory 76
S E C T I O N  I I I :   M E M B E R  AT T R I B U T E S 10 3
ChAPTER   06 The Nature of Group Composition 104
ChAPTER   07 The Amount of Group Resources 110
ChAPTER   08 The Variability in Group Resources 122
ChAPTER   09 The Compatibility in Group Resources 134

S E C T I O N  I V: G R O U P  S T R U C T U R E 14 9

ChAPTER 10 The Elements of Group Structure 150 
ChAPTER 11 Group Position 156 
ChAPTER 12 Group Status 168 
ChAPTER 13 Group Roles 184 
ChAPTER 14 Group Norms 204 
ChAPTER 15 Group Leadership 226

S E C T I O N  V: G R O U P  C O H E S I V E N E S S 2 57


ChAPTER 17 The Nature of Cohesion 258
Correlates of Cohesion in Sport Teams 272

S E C T I O N  V I :   T E A M  P R O C E S S E S 2 9 5
ChAPTER  18 Team Goals 296
ChAPTER   19 Cooperation and Competition in Groups 312
ChAPTER   20 Attributions in Sport 326
ChAPTER   21 Communication in Groups 340
ChAPTER  22 Collective Efficacy 354
S E C T I O N  V I I :   F O R M I N G  T H E  G R O U P 3 6 5
ChAPTER   23 Team Building in Sport 366
References 379
Index 407
About the Authors 419