The New Sport and Exercise Psychology Companion

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In what is one of the most extensive and all-encompassing books of its kind, The New Sport and Exercise Psychology Companion provides readers with an advanced understanding of the major themes that reflect the development and current status of sport and exercise psychology today. Editors Tony Morris and Peter Terry invited nearly 50 of the world’s leading experts on the key aspects of sport and exercise psychology to examine and explain the latest findings and newest directions of research. Unlike other publications that lean heavily toward either theoretical or applied approaches, the 27 chapters of The New Sport and Exercise Psychology Companion present a blend of both. Section I features the major psychological processes that have been the subject of extensive theoretical consideration and research examination in the context of sport. Section II highlights topics that have been addressed systematically in relation to the application of sport psychology. Section III focuses on the rapidly growing area of exercise psychology. Section IV details a number of specific themes and particular populations that are of special interest in sport psychology.

The contributors to The New Sport and Exercise Psychology Companion represent four different continents and their insights and experiences reflect sport’s continuing globalization. Sport and exercise psychology continues to grow in many countries and regions of the world, and the diversity of the contributors to this book enables readers to make comparisons between the way psychological processes function in different cultures.


Acknowledgments • ix
Introduction • Tony Morris and Peter C. Terry • 1
Chapter 1 Personality and Individual Differences 11
Tony Morris
Chapter 2 Physical Self-Concept 37
Herbert W. Marsh, Jacqueline H. S. Cheng, and Cory J. Middleton
Chapter 3 Mood and Emotions 63
Peter C. Terry and Andrew M. Lane
Chapter 4 Competitive Anxiety and Sporting Performance 89
Sheldon Hanton, Rich Neil, and Steve D. Mellalieu
Chapter 5 Attention 105
Jeff Summers and Aidan P. Moran
Chapter 6 Motivation. 135
Martin S. Hagger and Nikos L. D. Chatzisarantis
Chapter 7 Self-Confidence 159
Stefan Koehn and Tony Morris
Chapter 8 Team Dynamics 195
Albert V. Carron, Kim M. Shapcott, and Shauna M. Burke
Chapter 9 Goal-Setting Practices 213
Robert Weinberg and Joanne Butt
Chapter 10  Anxiety Management 227
Ronald E. Smith, Frank L. Smoll, and Daniel J. O’Rourke
Chapter 11   Building Confidence 257
Melinda Houston and Maria Newton
Chapter 12  Imagery 275
Krista M. Chandler and Tony Morris
Chapter 13  Concentration 309
Aidan Moran
Chapter 14  Flow 327
Susan A. Jackson
Chapter 15  Music in Sport and Exercise 359
Peter C. Terry and Costas I. Karageorghis
Chapter 16    Clinical Sport Psychology 381
Zella E. Moore and Frank L. Gardner
Chapter 17 Professional Pathways and Territories in Sport Psychology 403
Mark B. Andersen and David Tod
Chapter 18   Ethics 425
Edward Etzel and Jack Watson
Chapter 19    Overview of Exercise Psychology 443
Stuart J. H. Biddle
Chapter 20  Adherence and Quality of Life Issues 461
Nanette Mutrie, Alison Kirk, and Adrienne Hughes
Chapter 21  Exercise and Quality of Life 483
Bonnie G. Berger and David A. Tobar
Chapter 22  Children in Sport 509
Daniel Gould and Eric Bean
Chapter 23  Psychosocial Antecedents of and Responses to Athletic Injury 531
Trent A. Petrie and Jordan Hamson-Utley
Chapter 24  Culture in Sport Psychology 553
Stephanie J. Hanrahan and Robert J. Schinke
Chapter 25  Career Transitions 567
Sandy Gordon and David Lavallee
Chapter 26  Passion for Sport 583
Robert J. Vallerand, Eric G. Donahue, and Marc-André K. Lafrenière
Chapter 27   Athletes with Disabilities 609
Jeffrey Martin
Conclusion • Peter C. Terry and Tony Morris • 625 General Index • 629
Index of Questionnaires, Research Instruments, and Theories • 633 About the Editors • 635
About the Authors • 637