Sport for Development, Peace, and Social Justice

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Sport for Development, Peace, and Social Justice goes beyond the individual benefits of sport to look more closely at what sport can offer to groups of people and the communities in which they live. Although the domain of sport development is mostly uncharted, editors Robert Schinke and Stephanie Hanrahan integrate sport development projects from different disciplines to challenge readers to broaden the scope of what they think can be achieved through sport.

The 18 chapters, written by some of the world’s top sport science scholars, are presented in four trajectories that reflect the sport development literature: peace and reconciliation, social justice initiatives, health and well-being, and corporate social responsibility. Each chapter contains a different disciplinary approach to sport development that will captivate and stimulate the reader to create new collaborations among practitioners and community stakeholders.

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Chapter 1 Sport as a Possible Intervention: An Introduction...1
Robert J. Schinke and Stephanie J. Hanrahan
Chapter 2 Developing Peace through Community Sport in Multi-ethnic South African Contexts ...9
Marion Keim
Chapter 3 The Doves Olympic Movement Project: Integrating Olympism, Development, and Peace ...23
Alexis Lyras
Chapter 4 Soccer as a Mediator for Fostering Relationships and Building Peace among Jewish and Arab Players ...39
Ronnie Lidor and Boris Blumenstein
Chapter 5 Working through Distrust with a Canadian First Nation through Sport Research ...57
Robert J. Schinke, Duke Peltier, Leslee Anne Fisher, Amy T. Blodgett,
Lawrence Enosse, and Mary Jo Wabano
Chapter 6 Rethinking Community-based Crime Prevention through Sports ...73
Douglas Hartmann
Chapter 7 Postcolonial and Feminist Critiques of Sport for Development ...89
Audrey R. Giles and Meghan Lynch
Chapter 8 Making Space for Gay Sport Participants ...105
Barbara Ravel
Chapter 9 Examining the Spectrum of Inclusion and Opportunity in Sport for Persons with Disabilities ...121
Ted Fay and Eli Wolff
Chapter 10 Developing Adolescents’ Self-worth and Life Satisfaction through Physically Active Games: Interventions with
Orphans and Teenagers Living in Poverty ...135
Stephanie J. Hanrahan
Chapter 11 Using Sport to Promote HIV/AIDS Education among At-risk Youths in Sub-Saharan Africa ...149
Glyn C. Roberts, Cyprian Maro, and Marit Sørensen
Chapter 12 Future Directions in Youth Leadership Research in Sport ...163
Daniel Gould, Dana K. Voelker, and Jed Blanton
Chapter 13 Youth Sports: What Counts as “Positive Development”? ...181
Jay Coakley
Chapter 14 Revelation at the Superdome: Race, Class, and Politics in Post-Katrina America ...193
Michael D. Giardina and C. L. Cole
Chapter 15 Investing in Communities: Sporting Events and Social Responsibility ...215
Laura Misener and Daniel S. Mason
Chapter 16 Intercollegiate Athletics’ Role in Donor Development in Higher Education ...233
Jeffrey L. Stinson and Dennis R. Howard
Chapter 17 Corporate Philanthropic Activity Related to Sport: What Works and What Doesn’t ...251
Shane Pegg and Ian Patterson
Chapter 18 Conclusions and Future Directions ...263
Stephanie J. Hanrahan and Robert J. Schinke
Index                                                                                            ...277
About the Editors                                                                          ...279
About the Contributors                                                                         ... 281