Sport Imagery Questionnaire Manual

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Imagery, in today's world of sport psychology, is as vital and fundamental a part of an athlete's mental game plan as the physical training required for conditioning. With a widespread embrace of such a philosophy comes new ways to analyze and measure its performance among athletes. In The Sport Imagery Questionnaire: Test Manual, authors Craig R. Hall, Diane E. Stevens, and Allan Paivio assess athletes' use of imagery by proposing and outlining a specifically designed evaluation of its effectiveness, the Sport Imagery Questionnaire (SIQ). The Sport Imagery Questionnaire: Test Manual is designed for sport psychologists, coaches, athletes, or anyone who seeks to understand or quantify the use of mental imagery in sport.

Highlights include:

  • A 4-page reproduction of the Sport Imagery Questionnaire in an easy-to-photocopy format, complete with instructions and specific rating chart
  • A "Scoring the SIQ" section to calculate imagery performance
  • A brief overview of the SIQ clearly and explicitly outlining its purpose and function
  • 3 comprehensive chapters dedicated to understanding imagery, explaining the methods involved in both developing and successfully utilizing the SIQ, and the psychometric properties and normative data of the questionnaire itself.

Overview: The Sport Imagery Questionnaire (SIQ) xiii
Chapter 1.  An Introduction to Imagery Use in Sport 1
Imagery 1
Imagery Use in Sport 2
Conceptual Basis for the SIQ 6
Chapter 2. Development and Description of the SIQ 9
Instrument Development - Phase 1 9
Instrument Development - Phase 2 11
Description of the SIQ 12
Research Using the SIQ 13
Chapter 3. Psychometric Properties of the SIQ and Normative Data 15
Reliability 16
Types of Reliability 18
The Reliability of the SIQ 19
Validity 20
Content Validity 21
Content Validity of the SIQ 22
Criterion Validity 24
Types of Criterion Validity 24
Evaluating Evidence of Validity 25
Evidence for Criterion Validity of the SIQ 26
Normative Scores for the SIQ 29
Limitations and Future Directions 30
The Sport Imagery Questionnaire 33
SIQ Scoring 38
References 39
Tables 42
About the Authors 47
Sport Im agery Que St Ionn a Ir e : te St m a nua l xi