Articles in this issue:

  • Hyungil H. Kwon
    Ketra L. Armstrong

    Impulse buying broadly refers to the immediate urge to engage in unplanned purchases. Sport consumers may exhibit many of the characteristics that foster a tendency to engage in impulse buying. Further, due to the increased channels of the distribution of sport, sport team licensed merchandise is prominently displayed and distributed in a manner that encourages impulse buying. To examine the impulsive tendencies to purchase sport team licensed merchandise, an exploratory investigation involving a sample of college students (n=145: 48 males and 97 females) was conducted. Multiple regression...Read more

  • Dominic H. Rivers
    Timothy D. DeSchriver

     The purpose of this paper was to develop a demand model that determined if a relationship existed between the variation in team payroll and spectator attendance at Major League Baseball (MLB) games. A secondary purpose was to determine if the presence of star players was related to MLB attendance. Our findings suggest that if a star player does not contribute to an increase in the team’s on-field performance, the player has little influence on attendance. Additionally, the assumption that an increased team payroll will result in additional attendance is usually correct, yet incomplete....Read more

  • David W. Scott

    a book review of How to Get Publicity (and make the most of it once you’ve got it) by William Parkhurst, published by Harper Collins (2000)Read more

  • Gregg Bennett
    James Zhang
    Robin Henson

    Action sports, an emerging genre of individualistic sports, has increased immensely in popularity over the past few years (Petrecca, 2000; Bennett & Henson, 2001). Sponsorship of action sports events has likewise increased rapidly over the last few years, and these sponsorships are prevalent on most televised event broadcasts. Research suggests that there is an expansive and increasing action sports industry (Bennett & Henson, 2001). Several major corporate sponsors have uncovered the benefits of advertising on ESPN, NBC, and others. Advertising research is replete with examples of...Read more

  • Hans Westerbeek
    Aaron Smith

    Theories explaining the mechanics of sport sponsorship relationships are underdeveloped (Gilbert, 1988; Hoek, Gendall, & West, 1990; Pope, 1998), bolstered by studies lacking systematic methods (Kuzma, Shanklin, & McCally, 1993) and tending toward broad, descriptive, macro-level analysis (Sandler & Shani, 1993). This paper attempts to redress this empirical chasm in a small way by examining an element of the sponsorship relationship. Specifically, this paper explores the importance of one particular mode of sponsorship delivery: the location of a venue containing sponsor...Read more