Sport Psychology Library: Bowling -The Handbook of Bowling Psychology

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An indispensable book for the serious and dedicated bowler, designed to push any bowling athlete to the highest level and enable professionals and elite amateurs to perform at their peak. Coauthored by sport psychologist Dr. Eric S. Lasser, Hall of Fame coach Fred Borden, and Team USA Head Coach Jeri Edwards, Sport Psychology Library: Bowling - The Handbook of Bowling Psychology provides bowlers with the specific psychological strategies and exercises necessary for that sound mental game, including grace under pressure and an impenetrable focus. Twenty chapters each address key mental aspects of this highly technical and demanding sport. The Handbook is essential reading for anyone who wants to know what it takes to compete at bowling’s topmost level. An invaluable resource for coaches, parents, and bowlers at any stage of their career, this landmark book offers wisdom for life outside the center as well as a blueprint for success on the lanes.       

Table of Contents
Preface viii
Acknowledgments ix
Prologue The Sport of Bowling
                A True Test of Mental and Physical Skills
Introduction    Blueprint for Victory
                How Team USA Won the World Team Challenge
Part I: The Fast Lane to Bowling Excellence
Steps to the Day of Competition
Chapter 1 Developing Your Skills
Chapter 2 The ABCs of Quality Practice
Chapter 3 Moving Ahead by Setting Goals
Chapter 4 Mental Practice for Optimal Training
Part II: Game Face Time
Routines Before and During Competition
Chapter 5 Pre-Game Preparation
Chapter 6 Pre-Shot Preparation
Part III: Bowling Your Best
Keys to Peak Performance
Chapter 7 Maintaining Positive Perspective I: Confidence
Chapter 8 Maintaining Positive Perspective II: Positive Ideas
Chapter 9 Maintaining Positive Perspective III: Self-Acceptance
Chapter 10 Handling Performance Ups and Downs
Chapter 11 How to Cope with Distractions
Chapter 12 What You Need to Know About Pressure
Chapter 13 Coming Through in Clutch Situations: Relaxation
Chapter 14 Scoring in the Clutch: Beyond Relaxation
Chapter 15 Dealing Effectively with Competition Results
Part IV: Advanced Strategies for Tough Challenges
Answers to Bowlers' Questions
Chapter 16 Raising Your Game: Psyching Up to Zoning In
Chapter 17 Conquering Psych-Outs and Other Interpersonal Challenges
Part V: Team and Family
Tips for Athletes, Coaches, and Parents
Chapter 18 Keys to Sharing Information in Key Play
Chapter 19 Building a Winner Through Team Support
Chapter 20 Bowling: The Family Sport

Epilogue Glory in Havana
Putting It All Together:
A Model for Bowling Success

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