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"... highly readable entertaining and helpful. This book belongs in the library of every tennis coach, every tennis player, and every sport psychologist who works with tennis. It's a gem."

Mark B. Anderson Ph.D Program Coordinator Applied Sport Psychology

This user-friendly manual focuses on the physical and the mental skills needed to handle challenging tennis situations with a cool head and a winning strategy. Specifically, the book addresses such crucial mental skills as building confidence, managing anxiety, improving concentration, working with your partner(s), and more. Each chapter includes drills visualizations and exercises that will help the reader enhance game performance and enjoyment. Anyone who loves the unique mental intensity of tennis will enjoy this book.

Section 1: Beating the Players You Hate to Play

Section 2: Oh the Pressure

Section 3: What to Do About Those Nasty Things You Can't Control

Section 4: Delights and Dreads of Doubles

Section 5: What to Do If It All Falls Apart

Section 6: Getting (and Staying) in the Game

Chapter 1
Section I Intr oduction
Beating the Players You Hate to Play 1
Chapter 2 Facing Retr ievers 9
Chapter 3 Playing the Club Cham pion 17
Section II Oh the Pressure! 
Chapter 4 The Drea ded Easy Shots 27
Chapter 5 The Big Points 35
Chapter 6 The Big Matc hes 41
Section III What to Do About Thos e Nasty Things You Can’t Control
Chapter 7 How to Han dle Environmenta l Con ditions 55
Chapter 8 Overcoming Human Challenges (Line Calls, Gamesmans hip, Spectators) 63
Section IV Delights and Dreads of Doubles 
Chapter 9 How to Become a Team 75
Chapter 10 What to Do When You Can’t Count on Your Par tner ’s Game 85
Chapter 11 What to Do When You Let Your Par tner Down 91
Section V What to Do If It All Falls Apart 
Chapter 12 How to Reco ver Your Tennis Strokes 99
Chapter 13 How to Revive Your Menta l Game 105
Section VI Getting (and Staying) in the Game 
Chapter 14 How to Get Star ted in Tennis 113
Chapter 15 Gett ing an d Staying Physically Fit 119
After word  128
Index  129