Sport, Race, and Ethnicity: Narratives of Difference and Diversity

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This provocative collection brings together some of the leading historians, sociologists, political scientists, and cultural theorists on an ambitious range of topics dealing with sport, diversity and difference. The book is both diverse and inclusive, for it considered race, ethnicity and aboriginality in tandem; too often these themes are segmented into separate studies. The collection features vibrant examples from different eras, places and spaces - wherein co-themes like post-colonialism, gender and media representation are embedded.

From the Foreword by Grant Farred: "In Sport, Race, and Ethnicity: Narratives of Difference and Diversity the authors challenge us to think about these concepts again. This collection of essays does not only explore how these terms function, what they mean in society, but how they might be thought in relation to sport. What is different or particular about race or diversity in relation to sport, a practice that has historically served as one of the key sites where issues around ethnicity or aboriginality are played out? What role does difference perform in the selection of a nation's sports team? In many ways, this collection turns that question on its head.

Foreword . . . . . vii
Acknowledgments   . . . .       xi

Chapter 1 Introduction: Perceptions of Skin and Kin: Sport as an Arena of Difference and Diversity     1
 Daryl Adair 

Chapter 2 History,  Race,  Sport:  from  Objective  Knowledge to Socially-Responsible Narratives    .  13
 Douglas Booth 

Chapter 3 Emperors of Masculinity: John L . Sullivan,Jack  Johnson,  and  Changing  Ideas  of  Manhood and Race in America 41
 Randy Roberts 

Chapter 4 Major  Taylor:  Understanding  the  Complex  Story of  a  Champion  African-American  Cyclist  in White Australia, 1903-1904  77
 Andrew Ritchie 

Chapter 5 Sport, Racism, and Aboriginality:The Australian Experience 95
 Colin Tatz 

Chapter 6 Ambassadors  of  Peace!:  Sport,  Race,  Cultural Diplomacy,  and  the  1927  Takaishi/Saito Swimming Tour of Australia  115
 Sean Brawley 

Chapter 7 The Anglo-Boer Conflict: Nationalism,Ethnicity, and the Political Significance of  Rugby  in  White-Dominated  South  Africa, 1899-1948   137
 Dean Allen 

Chapter 8 Racial Athletic Aptitude and the New Medical Genetics: “Black Dominance” and the Future of Race Relations .155
 John Hoberman 

Chapter 9 Trash Talk and Reflexive “Otherness”: Maurice Greene, Michael Johnson, and Class within Race 175
 Nicole Neverson and Graham Knight  

Chapter 10 “Authentic”  Scottishness  and  Problematized Irishness in Scottish International Football     195
 Joseph M. Bradley  

Chapter 11 Invisible  but  Not  Absent:  Aboriginal  Women, Knowledge  Production,  and  the  Restructuring of Canadian Sport 219
 Victoria Paraschak and Janice Forsyth   
Index    235
About the Editor  249
About the Authors  251

Crawford, S. A.(2013). Sport, Race and Ethnicity: Narratives of Difference and Diversity ed. by Daryl Adair (review). Journal of Sport History 40(1), 157-158. North American Society for Sport History. Retrieved July 30, 2013, from Project MUSE database. Read the review here.