Guidelines for Authors

FiT Publishing is dedicated to publishing the highest quality textbooks in the sport sciences. Whether a veteran author or if this is your first book, we will support you through every aspect of the publications process. The main areas encompass the book proposal, the publishing agreement, manuscript preparation and submission, book publication, and marketing.

New Editions

New editions of textbooks are driven by emerging knowledge through research, and the conditions and direction of the profession and field of study.

Peer Reviews and Endorsements

It is strongly recommended that a peer review or a subject matter review is conducted sometime during the writing process to evaluate the subject matter objectively for evidence of bias, supporting scholarly evidence, and relevancy. Reviewers should be able to provide commentary to book authors to improve the quality of scholarship and to identify errors.

Another type of reviewer can be engaged to read the final manuscript to provide an endorsement or review of the book for the reader’s consideration. Endorsements and critiques are usually focused on academic usefulness, readability, and general appeal to the reader. These types of reviews are optional, and can be used to promote the book.

Planning ahead of time will ensure that subject matter and book reviewers receive high quality materials with sufficient time to review content prior to submission. 

Teaching Tools

We have learned that teaching tools can sell textbooks. A new text and certainly a new edition will greatly ease an instructor in preparing to teach the book when it is accompanied by a slide presentation, a text bank/answer key, a brief syllabus, in-class student activities and group projects, discussion questions, and even audio and video presentations or podcasts. These materials assist the adopting instructor teach your textbook.

At a minimum, the following teaching materials are required once your manuscript is received:  a sample syllabus, a slide presentation for each chapter, and a test bank/answer key for each chapter. These materials should be submitted to your project editor after you have reviewed manuscript copyedits. This allows teaching materials to follow the final approved content and table of contents.

Teaching tools that have been incorporated into the book (such as case studies, anecdotes, exercises or discussion questions) must be present in every chapter.

The demand for interactive audio and video clips are increasing. These materials can be submitted after your manuscript has been approved for typesetting.

If you have any questions regarding preaparing, or submitting a proposal or manuscript for consideration, please contact us.