Lifecycle of a Manuscript

Lifecycle of a Manuscript

Manuscript Publication

Once submitted, a FiT project editor will usher your manuscript through the production process, as outlined below. It is a good idea to become familiar with each stage, as attention to detail will allow smooth transition and yield the best quality published work. Depending on the length and complexity of the material, the publishing process can take six to twelve months.

Manuscript Review and Check-In

Your project editor will check in submitted files and will review your manuscript. Contract signatures will be checked. The production schedule will be created and shared with you so that you are aware of the process and all of its milestones. Visual elements will be analyzed for best layout, and to ensure a consistency of form and presentation.

The project editor will ask you to supply any missing agreements, content, images, or copyright permissions, and may also ask you to clarify any issues that have been identified before copyediting begins.

During this phase you will be given a marketing questionnaire that will help us target the primary market for your book. Your answers also help us increase exposure in secondary markets, and assist us with identifying possible book review sources, which help boost book sales. Returning the questionnaire in a timely manner ensures our efforts will reach the widest possible market for examination, pre-order, and adoption of your book.


During this phase, our copyeditor will read, edit, and comment on the manuscript. Copyeditors track their changes in the document, so the author(s) will see what has been done. Questions and issues will appear in comments in the manuscript for the author to resolve.  You will have the opportunity to accept, revise or reject tracked changes, to resolve any issues, and answer all questions before typesetting begins.

During this phase the project editor will work with you to develop the book cover. You will be presented with two design options, for which you will be able to select one design and suggest some adjustments regarding the overall look and feel.

Once the copyedtied pages have been approved and are ready for typesetting, you can devote time to completing the teaching tools that will be offered with your book.


During this phase, our production designer will typeset the manuscript. You will have the opportunity to view a sample layout/design to see how the pages of the book will appear in the final printed form. While FiT Publishing retains final creative control of the book design, your input is important to us, and we welcome your comments.

You will also be provided a complete typeset copy during the proofreading phase for your review before the book goes to print.

Once your review is complete, we expect to receive teaching tools during this time. They will be proofread and formatted for electronic delivery to adopting instructors.


During this phase our professional proofreader will thoroughly review the typeset manuscript and correct any errors prior to printing. In addition, s/he will also correct any errors in the layout, and will prepare an index to be included at the end of the manuscript. Once completed, you will have a 14-day period in which to review the entire typeset manuscript. As you have already seen a layout sample, this review allows you to view the finished product as it will appear in print. We caution your review in this phase to point out only egregious errors, as even slight changes in text have a cascading affect on the flow of the manuscript and in the accuracy of related parts of the book, which will create time and cost delays to resolve.

Printing & Delivery

At this phase, FiT Publishing will handle all the details related to printing and binding, and will notify you once the published books are delivered to our office.  After a quality assurance check of the printed books is completed, we will deliver your complimentary copies and will begin filling book orders. During this phase, consider and implement some or all of the proven strategies we have listed in the Author Marketing Strategies for marketing your book.