Marketing Tips

Author Marketing Strategies

We will work with you to develop and customize a strategy for marketing and selling your book. However, you are able to initiate some of the best marketing strategies for yourself.  As mentioned previously, your project editor will provide you with a marketing questionnaire, which will be used to develop a marketing plan for creating flyers, email blasts for specific listservs, and ad copy for various web-based wholesalers and distributors, as well as marketing on social media. While we manage that end of marketing, here are strategies you can employ to boost the exposure and sales of your book.

Complimentary Copies

Keep copies of your book handy in your office, or with you when you travel. These copies should only be given to media representatives, book reviewers, bookstore managers and owners, or others who might provide publicity for your book, or agree to carry it in their store or on their site.  Give them a free copy of the book and your business card, and provide contact information to us so that they can order copies of the book.  Let us know whenever your book receives attention from a journal or other media.

Promotion among Colleagues

Text adoptions are the most important market for your book and generate the most sales. If a colleague requests a copy to review, direct them to the FiT Publishing website, where they can order a free examination copy. Our web requests are simple to fill out and we track all requests for possible course adoption.

Email Blasts to Listservs

FiT Publishing employs a marketing firm that will submit an email blast to the appropriate listserv to announce your book. However, email blasts to colleagues are proven more effective coming from the author than the publisher.  This is because the publisher’s email is received as a commercial message, and is more widely dismissed than an email from a known colleague.  When sending an email to a large number of recipients, place all email addresses into the blind copy field of the email so that email addresses remain private, and readers will not have to scroll through the long list of email addresses at the head of the email to read your message.

Promotional Flyers

Ask the FiT marketing staff ( to send you an electronic flyer for your book. The flyer will include the cover image, the table of contents, purchase information and biographical information. You can print this one-page flyer in color or black and white to distribute in your college, at conferences, meetings, and other places where students, colleagues, bookstores, or to potential reviewers may be interested in your book. Flyers are a cost effective way to promote your book without having giving away free copies (and losing potential sales).

Website Promotion

If you find a website for a professional organization, club, academic institution or group in the course of your work in which your book should be listed, just send an email with the URL address, or the name of the company, and we will work to get your book on that website.

Conferences and In-Person Promotion

Taking your book to professional conferences is a great way to network and market your book. Please let us know when you will be attending a conference, and include the name, date, and location of the conference, and we will send you a kit of books and promotional flyers to take along.

Email Signature

Create a signature at the bottom of your email with the details of your book and a link to the FiT Publishing website.  This is a quick and easy way to market your book that quickly links the buyer with the online order form.  An example of your signature could read:

Dr James Smith
Professor of Sport Psychology
University of America
My New Book Title, 4th Edition (2017), available at

Reviews for Book Sites

If your book is listed on or or other websites, please enlist your colleagues and friends to write and post reviews on that website. The number of reviews and responses often makes the difference between a top 10 listing and obscurity.

Press Kits

You can create a press kit to distribute to journalists, at conferences or other meetings. Purchase a few pocket folders and present the following pages in an attractive way:

Book information page:  Book cover image, full title, author(s), ISBN number, copyright year, price, publisher name and address, number of pages, and your contact information.  A headline and brief summary of the contents of the book (use the back cover copy).

Author(s) biographical page:  A short paragraph about your professional life, credentials, awards and grants, major publications, and professional affiliations. A sentence or two about hobbies and a high-quality photo of yourself.

Chapter Outlines: Start with the table of contents and add a sentence underneath each chapter, giving highlights of the main concepts of the chapter.

Quotations page: Find a few quotable sentences from the introduction or various places in the book that capture the intent and merits of the book. Save these with chapter and page numbers underneath.

Staple your business card somewhere on the folder and it’s ready to go. Decide whether to hand out complementary copies of the book with your press kits.