Sport Management

James T. Reese

James T. Reese, EdD, is currently an associate professor in the sport management program at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prior to his arrival at Drexel, he was an associate professor and graduate director in the Department of Sport Management at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Before that, he served as an associate professor at SUNY Cortland in the Sport Management Department, and as graduate coordinator from 2006 until 2010.

Simon Chadwick

Simon Chadwick is a professor and chair in Sport Business Strategy and Marketing at Coventry University Business School, where he is also the founder and Director of the Centre for the International Business of Sport (CIBS).

Dorene Ciletti

Dorene Ciletti is an assistant professor in the marketing and sports marketing division in the Palumbo • Donahue School of Business at Duquesne University. Her research and teaching interests include sport marketing, marketing fundamentals, and sales. She is particularly interested in sustainability and its integration in sport and in marketing. Her work has covered a range of subjects including the Pittsburgh Steelers, league sustainability communication, the secondary ticket market, communication in selling, and marketing strategies for career development. Ciletti, who earned a PhD and MBA, coordinates student sales competitions for Duquesne, and serves as faculty sponsor for the Pi Sigma Epsilon professional sales and marketing fraternity on campus.

Kamilla Swart

Kamilla Swart serves as an Account Director for Octagon South Africa. In August 2000, she was appointed to manage the recently formed Durban Events Corporation. While enrolled in the doctoral program of Curriculum and Instruction at Illinois State University (ISU), she served as a Research Associate for the Bureau of Tourism and Recreation Research (BTRR) from 1998-1999. During December 1999 she fulfilled the coursework requirements of the doctoral program, and returned to her hometown, Cape Town, to complete her dissertation.

Douglas Michele Turco

Douglas Michele Turco is Professor of Kinesiology and Recreation at Illinois State University. His primary research interests are in the areas of sport and tourism marketing, event economic impact assessment, and market research. He has made numerous national and international presentations, and is the author or co-author of articles that appear in Sport Marketing Quarterly, Journal of Tourism Studies, Journal of Travel Research, and Current Issues in Tourism. He co-authored the book, Sport and Event Marketing, as well as several other books, book chapters, and conference proceedings. He earned his academic degrees from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and the University of New Mexico.

Laurence Chalip

Laurence Chalip is a senior lecturer with the Faculty of Business and Hotel Management at Griffith University's Gold Coast Campus in Queensland, Australia. He has worked in New Zealand, Korea, Australia, and the USA in sport as an administrator, coach, and researcher.

James Thoma

James Thoma is a professor of sport management and chairman of the Department of Physical Education, Health, Sports Medicine, and Sport Management at Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio.

Mark S. Nagel

Mark S. Nagel, EdD, is a professor in the Department of Sport and Entertainment Management at the University of South Carolina. He also serves as an adjunct faculty member at the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, the University of San Francisco, and St. Mary’s College of California. Nagel is the associate director of the College Sport Research Institute and has previously served as the treasurer of the North American Society for Sport Management and the Sport and Recreation Law Association.

Richard M. Southall

Dr. Richard M. Southall is a Professor in the Department of Sport and Entertainment Management at University of South Carolina. He is also director of the College Sport Research Institute (CSRI) at the University of South Carolina. CSRI sponsors the annual CSRI Conference on College Sport and the Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics.