Case Studies in Sport Diplomacy

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“In an era of such divisiveness, it behooves all of us to consider means by which we can bring people together.”

–Mr. Richard Armitage, Former Deputy Secretary of State for the United States of America 

The growing influence of sport has created a unique opportunity to build international relationships for a number of purposes, including cultural, economic, shared humanitarian, and increasingly, political diplomacy.  Case Studies in Sport Diplomacy explores the influence and effectiveness of sport diplomacy in improving long-term relations between nations by opening a dialogue with international leaders, raising awareness of host countries and to bridging cultural differences, and in building international relationships through ambassadors that could increase trade and legislative agreements, and even bring peace to nations in conflict.  
Authored by talented scholars from all over the world, many of whom served as sport diplomats, their unique perspective in each case sheds light on the ways in which sport diplomacy can succeed or falter in achieving strategic objectives between influential – and in some cases historically adversarial – countries. 
A thoroughly intriguing look at sport diplomacy’s past and ongoing efforts to improve relations with countries such as Brazil, Russia, Iran and China, Case Studies in Sport Diplomacy brings to the forefront an area in which sport has been able to open up and increase opportunities to build relationships between people, communities, governments and countries.

Table of Contents:

Case Study 1: The United States Government’s Role in Sport Diplomacy

Case Study 2: Sports for Hope in Haiti: Disaster Diplomacy or Disaster Capitalism?

Case Study 3: Building Stadiums, Building Bridges: Geopolitical Strategy in China

Case Study 4: Can Sport Mega-Events Change the “Diplomatic Dwarf” Status of Brazil?

Case Study 5: South Sudan’s Sport Diplomacy

Case Study 6: The Belizean Youth Sport Coalition: A Sport for Diplomacy Project in Central America

Case Study 7: Building a Foundation for Diplomacy through Sport: Iran and United States

Case Study 8: Leveraging Sport Events for Diplomatic Benefits: A Review of a States’ Toolkit to Improve International Relations through Sports

Case Study 9: Culture Connect: Case Study from a Sports Ambassador with the US Department of State

Case Study 10: Canada Sport Diplomacy: Pride House

Case Study 11: Russia, Vladimir Putin, and Sport Diplomacy

Case Study 12: Korean Sport Diplomacy: National Sports Festival

Case Study 13: New Zealand and the Rugby World Cup 2011: Public Diplomacy and Sport