Examine and Adopt

FiT Publishing offers instructors a free 30-day review period for the current edition of most textbooks. 

To review an exam copy:

  1. Visit the Request Exam Copy webform.
  2. Submit the webform. You will receive free access to the eBook for a 30-day examination period. No teaching materials are included with exam copies.
  3. If you choose not to adopt the book for your course, do nothing. Access to the exam copy terminates automatically after 30 days.

To adopt a textbook:

  1. Visit the Adopt a Book webform.
  2. Fill out the webform.
  3. Select the format (paperback or eBook) for your free desk copy.
  4. Click Submit. You will receive a confirmation email that contains a link to download teaching materials.

Textbook adoption includes:

Desk Copy

Choose paperback or eBook format.

Teaching Materials

Materials include slide presentations, a sample syllabus, and test banks with answer keys. Some titles also include individual and class activities, projects, case studies and discussion questions, and where available, audio or video podcasts. Please follow the steps to adopt a textbook to receive the download link.

Bookstore Discounts

University bookstores are eligible to receive a discount up to 20% for in-store stock. They can contact us to receive the discount code.

Inclusive access

Do you want to include textbook access with student course materials?  Contact us.