Coaching for the Inner Edge: Practical Sport Psychology for Coaches

Second Edition
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Coaches are continually searching for ways to gain the edge over their opponents. They work tirelessly to get their athletes in top physical condition, to develop their physical skills, and to implement successful routines and strategies for their teams. This physical training develops the athlete’s outer edge—the peak physical performance advantage over their opponents. But as most coaches realize, athletes also need an inner edge to perform successfully. This Inner Edge is the advantage that athletes cultivate within themselves by honing their mental skills, by learning to manage their energy in pressure situations and to focus effectively, despite distractions and obstacles.

This much anticipated second edition is a must read for anyone interested in improving sport performance. Dr. Vealey distills and applies the proven methods, updated techniques, and her own experience into a practical, engaging resource for coaches, trainers, and consultants. Drawing from the preeminent research literature of master coaches, innovative sport psychologists, and from her own practical experiences as a college basketball player, coach, sport psychology researcher and consultant, Dr Vealey defines how to develop the Inner Edge in athletes.