Developing Successful Sport Sponsorship Plans

Fifth Edition
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Acquiring sponsorship agreements that are a good fit for both the sport organization and the corporation is one of the most crucial and challenging aspects of a sport manager’s job. In Developing Successful Sport Sponsorship Plans, 5th Edition, readers will have at their disposal a practical, step-by-step guide to identifying, soliciting, obtaining, and implementing appropriate and lucrative sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship activities have become an important revenue generating activity for professional, collegiate, and high school sport teams, local and state parks and recreation departments, sport and entertainment facilities, and for-profit and non-profit events. Knowing how to overcome the multitude of challenges to craft an effective sponsorship proposal and then manage sponsorship activities is more important than ever.

Esteemed scholar, author, and practitioner Mark S. Nagel joins award-winning academician David K. Stotlar in writing this new edition, which adds updated information, new interviews, and more depth and detail to what has proven to be the go-to guide for sport sponsorship courses since the first edition was released in 2001.

Developing Successful Sport Sponsorship Plans provides a detailed overview of the sponsorship process, including idea generation, research and planning, solicitation, pricing, writing contracts, and implementation and evaluation of sponsorship activities. Stotlar’s often-cited Sponsorship Evaluation Model incorporates those steps—sponsorship selection, activation, and evaluation—and is presented in a reader-friendly figure.

Combining theoretical foundations with practical applications, the book also offers interviews from practitioners to provide insight into the industry. The diverse scenarios discussed in each chapter include examples from different sports and from local, regional, national, and international sport events and organizations, as well as sponsorship options for individual athletes. Worksheets included throughout the book provide users with a hands-on guide for crafting a winning sport sponsorship proposal.