Financing Sport

Fourth Edition
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The most authoritative and comprehensive textbook on sport finance has been updated and revised to include in its examination the distinct changes in the economic climate of the sport industry in recent decades, as well as the impacts and challenges the contemporary economic climate presents for the sport industry.

Divided into five sections – finance trends and challenges, economic rationale for public investment, primary sources of funding, revenue from enterprise sources, and fundraising – Financing Sport, 4th Edition also contains a thorough updated examination of venue and sport property revenues, including ticket and merchandise sales, the rise of luxurious and extravagant fan experiences, as well as commercial media rights that stretch across traditional broadcast, satellite, and innovative new web-based outlets for consuming sport content. Also newly updated and expanded are fundraising areas that discuss traditional and emerging trends in sport sponsorship and donation.

Thorough in both its depth and scope, Financing Sport, 4th Edition is an engaging, edifying textbook for sport-related graduate and undergraduate students, teachers, and industry professionals.

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Updated Material for Financing Sport, 4th Edition

Updates to exhibits (2.11, 3.8, 8.1, 11.2, and 13.7)

Exhibit 2.11

Exhibit 3.8

Exhibit 8.1

Exhibit 11.2

Exhibit 13.7