Fundraising for Sport and Athletics

Third Edition
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Most athletic organizations—ranging from youth and junior level to collegiate and Olympic—have insufficient finances to meet operational need, requiring personnel to learn to proactively address resource deficiencies. This is particularly true in today’s financial landscape, as the volume and concentration of competition for fundraising dollars has exponentially increased.

In the third edition of Fundraising for Sport and Athletics, author Richard Leonard expands upon the foundation of fundraising offered in previous editions with new, advanced strategies, updated fundraising program examples, and additional scholarly support of the administrative concepts. The discussion of fundraising programs has been developed to include additional aspects of the fundraising campaign including situational analysis, problem and goal statements, and tentative strategies. This edition modernizes the fundraising administrative concepts to integrate the most current standards and operational functions.

Whether you are a student studying to be an athletic administrator or you are already a fundraising administrator, Fundraising Sport and Athletics contains the ideal mix of fundraising theory and practice that is essential for achieving athletic organization success.


Section I: The Administration of Fundraising Programs

1. Introduction to Fundraising
2. Fundraising Program Planning
3. Fundraising Program Organization
4. Human Resources: Staffing and Onboarding
5. Human Resources: Training, Performance Evaluation, Reward Systems, and Employment Separations
6. Development of a Fundraising Board of Directors
7. Fundraising Volunteers
8. Marketing Research
9. Marketing Mix
10. Marketing Communication
11. Financial Controls and Evaluation
12. Advanced Fundraising Strategies

Section II: Fundraising Events

13. Introduction to Fundraising Events and Activities
14. Introduction to Fundraising Programs

Section III: Summer Sport Camp Fundraisers

15. Summer Camps as Fundraisers