Group Dynamics in Sport

Fifth Edition
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Group Dynamics in Sport, 5th edition, provides readers with the most current theories and practices of group dynamics in sport teams. In this updated edition, each chapter identifies and discusses key theoretical concepts of group dynamics and offers extensive and relevant examples that reinforce the principles covered. Topics include:

  • the nature, study, and development of groups;

  • foundational elements of the group including member attributes and the group’s environment;

  • structural elements including group positions, roles, norms, and status; and

  • group processes and emergent states such as leadership, communication, and cohesion, collective efficacy, and team building.

Authors Mark Eys, Blair Evans, and Alex Benson stress the theoretical significance of studying groups to gain a richer understanding of human nature, as well as the importance of application to real life linking concepts to elite sport examples and practical strategies to enhance groups.

As a comprehensive and formative text for sport group dynamics, Group Dynamics in Sport, 5th edition, is an invaluable introductory resource for undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, and practitioners interested in better understanding how groups work both on and off the sport field.