Human Resource Management for Sports and Recreation Programs

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Human resource management is one of the most important components of business operations in any organization, and sport and recreation programs are no exception. This textbook provides the framework and principles necessary for undergraduate and graduate students to develop, implement, and maintain the human resource strategies and practices that are essential in managing a sport, recreation or athletics program, from community and youth centers, to intramural collegiate and professional sports.

Human Resource Management for Sport and Recreation Programs examines foundational concepts and the practical elements of human resource management, providing detailed insight, and a step by step look at overall program policies and plan development, program implementation and management, including personnel recruitment, onboarding and assessment techniques, planning and procedures for corrective action, as well as examining relevant legal, ethical, and safety considerations governing the employer—employee relationship. This text is essential in understanding how to successfully recruit, retain, reward, and maintain the most valuable resource of any organization: it’s people.