Media Relations in Sport

Fifth Edition
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As sport media communication has become intertwined with the frenetic pace of technology, the bywords have become global interconnectivity and versatility. Media Relations in Sport 5th edition examines the intersection and trajectory of emerging technology, platforms and trends with foundational principles of communication to prepare students and industry professionals alike with a nuanced understanding of the communication tools at their disposal that will allow them to keep pace with and succeed in a kinetic, competitive industry.

Any student interested in a career in sports media must possess a distinct set of essential skills—how to interview, how to effectively create and distribute content, and how to deal with communications problems that, given the frenetic pace and global reach of web-based media, now seem amplified. Discussions of event management, publicity campaigns, ethics, regulations, and the law are still not only relevant, but essential for today’s sports media professionals, where news travels the world at the speed of a tweet. For undergraduate and graduate level students, the 5th edition of Media Relations in Sport blends and balances how sport media communication has traditionally been crafted, and molds it to ever-evolving strategies for remaining ahead of the game.