Professionalism and Healthcare Ethics for Kinesiologists

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A first-of-its-kind text for students entering a career in kinesiology, Professionalism and Healthcare Ethics for Kinesiologists provides a thorough explanation of professionalism and ethical theories, a method and many examples for making ethical decisions in kinesiology workplaces, and an exploration into accountability, governance topics, and the scope of professional misconduct in kinesiology, as well as the possible future of professional kinesiology education and ethics.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Philosophical and Moral Reasoning
  3. Major Ethical Theories: Part I
  4. Major Ethical Theories: Part II
  5. Personal and Professional Ethical Decision-Making
  6. Codes of Ethics in Healthcare and Kinesiology
  7. Professional Accountability and Governance: Part I
  8. Professional Accountability and Governance: Part II
  9. Professional Accountability and Governance: Part III
  10. Professional Accountability: Legal and Legislative Areas
  11. Professional Misconduct
  12. Healthcare Ethics Cases in Kinesiology
  13. Conclusion: What the Future May Hold