The Sport Management Educator: Strategies for Teaching

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The value and placement of sport in society is significant and has created an extensive need for qualified practitioners. With over 800 academic programs of sport management in North America alone, there is a great demand for qualified educators in the field. As such, resources to support educational excellence are essential.

The Sport Management Educator: Strategies for Teaching provides a resource for those new to teaching and those seeking to improve instructional skills. Beginning with the fundamentals of brain-based learning, this text builds a strong foundation for teaching in sport management and enhances existing teaching practices and strategies to improve instructional elements such as planning, classroom management, course design, and student engagement.

Author Emily Dane-Staples draws on years of experience, skills, a solid foundation in the science of teaching and learning, and expertise to create this invaluable resource to help current and future sport management educators improve their instructional skills. This definitive source assists new and experienced instructors alike enhance foundational knowledge and improve teaching effectiveness.

The Sport Management Educator chapters focus on course planning, student success and engagement, teaching with technology, classroom management, course reflection and revision, assessment, and more. Practical tools help readers choose instructional options that align with their teaching philosophy, address their students’ needs, and enhance their ability to become more effective, successful educators.