Applied Motor Learning in Physical Education and Sports

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The importance of the study of the scientific principles of learning human motor skills is evident in that motor learning is a required core course as set forth by the NASPE standards. Applied Motor Learning in Physical Education and Sports goes further than simply providing valuable scientific theories. Authors Jin Wang and Shihui Chen transform those theories into practice in an understandable approach by incorporating case studies and practitioners’ implications, making this a comprehensive authority on the topic of motor learning.

Written for undergraduate students, PE teachers, coaches, athletes and practitioners, each chapter includes:

  • an introduction to the imperative theoretical models of motor learning
  • case studies and life examples that illustrate theoretical concepts that can be effectively applied to practical teaching, coaching, or motor learning settings
  • project topics that integrate theory with practice
  • clear illustrations, diagrams, and key components of concepts depicting the main ideas



Preface vii
Chapter 1 Basic Concepts of Applied Motor Learning and Performance 1
Chapter 2 Classifications of Motor Skills in Relation to the
Motor Skill Learning Process 19
Chapter 3 Maximizing Motor Skill Learning Outcomes Based on
Individual Differences 45
Chapter 4 Roles of Sensory Sources to Motor Skill Learning Processes 63
Chapter 5 Movement Control Systems of Performing Motor Skills 77
Chapter 6 Motor Programs and Stages of Motor Skill Learning 93
Chapter 7 Contribution of Information Processing and Speedy
Decision-Making to Effective Motor Skill Performance 107
Chapter 8 Assessment and Evaluation of Motor Performance 123
Chapter 9 Instruction and Feedback in Motor Skill Learning 139
Chapter 10 Application of Psychological Principles to Motor Learning Process 155
Chapter 11 Transfer of Learning: The Key Principle of Motor Skill Training
Implementation 169
Index 189
About the Authors 193

Applied Motor Learning in Physical Education and Sports provides valuable information about integrating sport science principles to practice for teaching and learning motor skills. I believe that physical educators, coaches and practitioners can largely benefit from this applied book that is rarely found in the market. I highly recommend this book to any professionals who learn or teach motor skills. You will find this book informative and valuable with an easy-to-understand approach to effectively illustrate motor learning concepts. As my consultant, Dr. Wang’s approaches, I find, are very effective and useful in motor skill training.”

–Anson Dorrance, Head Women’s Varsity Soccer Coach at the University of North Carolina, 22-Time National Champions; former U.S. Women’s National Soccer Coach (1986-1994), 1991 Women’s World Champions
“Dr. Wang provided effective psychological and technical consultations to me and helped me eliminate competitive anxiety and keep concentrated for achieving the Olympic gold medal at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Italy. I am truly thankful for Dr. Wang’s consultations. Dr. Wang’s new applied motor learning book will help coaches and athletes understand the important scientific principles related to sport skill training.”

– Han Xiao Peng, Chinese Free-Style Skiing Aero-Jump Olympic Athlete who won the Olympic gold medal at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Italy
“This is the book coaches and PE teachers have been waiting for. Dr. Wang, a former elite soccer player and coach, and Dr. Chen show coaches how to take motor learning principles and integrate them into their practice sessions. In their treatment of skill learning, the authors not only show coaches how to break motor skills down into their component parts but they also demonstrate how to enhance learning by taking skills from practice sessions and putting them into actual competition. Applied Motor Learning is a welcomed addition to the motor learning literature because of its theoretical and practical orientations. It is a new approach to the study of one of the most important aspects of teaching/coaching.”

– William F. Straub, PhD, FACSM
Certified Sport Psychology Consultant for Association of Applied Sport Psychology
Former professor, dean, and professional athlete and coach
“The information compiled by Dr. Wang and Dr. Chen is extremely valuable.  As a physical educator, I especially enjoyed the concepts of the application of practice in various settings and how that can be transferred to the game or competition setting.  Applied Motor Learning is easy to follow and enjoyable to read.  I highly recommend this for those looking to maximize the efficiency of practice to game transfer.”

– R. David Worrall, Elementary Physical Educator, Former GAHPERD State President, and former GAHPERD Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year.